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NiMH Rechargeable Batteries

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The definition of typical products

 HS: General purpose standard series
 HT: High temperature series
 HTO: High temperature continuous trickle charge series
 HP: High power series
 HV: Electric vehicle series
 HE: High capacity series
 HX: Low self discharge series
 HL: Low temperature series
 HK: Mining Series (similar to IEC S series, short circuit temperature increment less than 45℃)
 HSK: Solar energy storage series
 HXX: Super low self-discharge series, 75% after 3 years at RM temp

There is no universal batteries in the world, each chemistry exist because of its own advantage, such as Lead-acid batteries, they are still not replaceable since it was  invented 200 years ago.
 Similarly, there is no universal NiMH design- a single battery that caters to the needs of all areas, we have different battery design to meet the requirements of different applications.
 The data in the chart is only for reference, the exact performance is more depending on each application based design.